The Story of AlterBlade

Join Katy and the members of the AlterBlade Club as they find themselves in the biggest quest of their lives.

In the world of AlterBlade, crowds gather to watch mesmerizing sessions of the popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game. They say every game has a magical atmosphere, but no one knows exactly why.

When their advisor goes missing, the AlterBlade Club will uncover the mysteries of the game, and the truth behind her disappearance.

Meet the Club Members!

Kaitlyn “Katy” Ashe

The youngest member of the AlterBlade Club and the main protagonist, Katy acts as the healer of the party both within the game and in the real world. Katy loves cats and tea, and dislikes conflict.

Tyler Furukawa

The oldest member of the AlterBlade Club. On the verge of graduation, this cool and mysterious senior doesn’t want to get too close to anyone, but finds herself along for the ride anyway.

Isiah Ishikawa

Resident AlterBlade expert and updater of character sheets, Isiah is Katy’s best friend. He may be strict at times, but he’s a true friend who would watch any number of magical girl shows with you.

Conner Hertz

While he may seem like the typical popular kid, Conner has his own insecurities. He plays as a barbarian in the AlterBlade Club to fulfill his wish to become stronger.

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